Top Ten Daily Bonnet Articles of 2022

Happy New Year, everyone! I think we’re all hoping 2023 will be better than last year. Still, I’m grateful for the opportunities I had last year to travel in support of my novel Once Removed and the collection The Best of the Bonnet. I read my work and met some great people here in Manitoba, with events in Winnipeg, Steinbach, Killarney, and Morden, as well as further away in Abbotsford, Calgary, Halifax, and Goshen. Thanks to everyone who showed up at these events! It was great to meet you.

As I’ve hinted at on social media, there are some exciting changes coming to The Daily Bonnet in the new year. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

Have a great 2023!

Andrew Unger


Here are the most read Daily Bonnet articles of 2022. As always, there are some surprises on this list, though I do think it gives us some sense of what everyone was talking about this year.

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10. Lisa LaFlamme Offered Job at The Daily Bonnet

9. Mennonite Satirist Shunned After Appearing on Television

8. Elon Musk Buys Mennonite Church, Appoints Himself Pastor

7. Family Sells Modest Bungalow in Abbotsford to Live Like Kings in Winnipeg

6. “Of course they’re edible!” Mennonite Woman Brings Potent Snack to Church Potluck

5. Top Five Ways to Fight Oma Krahn

4.Winkler Supermarket Starts Selling Liquor to Convince Mennonites to Cover their Faces

3.Rembrandt Painting Has Been Hanging Upside Down for 400 Years

2.Area Man Mistakes Freedom Convoy for Timmies Line

1.Convoy of Mennonite Truckers on their Way to Ottawa

Christiano Ronaldo Signs $200 Million Deal with Hanover Kickers
Mennonite Man Blames Loss on Slightly-Raised Staple