Area Man Mistakes Freedom Convoy for Timmies Line


Local man Dan Friesen, 51, was heading out for his daily double-double and chocolate cream glazed, when he entered what he thought was just the regular Timmies line.

“I thought nothing of it. The lineup for Timmies this time of day always stretches back a good mile or two from the store,” said Friesen. “I mean normally there are more cops in line than truckers, but, hey, stranger things have happened.”

Friesen was in line for more than an hour before he realized he wasn’t getting any closer to the Tim Hortons drive-thru.

Waut de schissjat is going on here!” pondered Friesen. “I was halfway to Ottawa before I realized the mistake.”

Thankfully for Friesen there were plenty of Tim Hortons locations on the way to the nation’s capital.

“I guess I’m a trucker now. One of the guys even piled a Maersk container on my vehicle,” said Friesen. “I’m happy to help out, but I’m not sure my Corolla can handle the weight.”

Friesen said that now that he’s part of the Freedom Convoy he plans to go all the way to Ottawa and demand that the Prime Minister increase infrastructure spending on Timmies drive-thrus.

(photo credit: Jeff M for Short/CC)

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