Family Sells Modest Bungalow in Abbotsford to Live Like Kings in Winnipeg


The Janzens have just sold their modest 1100 sq. foot bungalow in Abbotsford and are using the funds to live like kings the rest of their lives in Winnipeg.

“Even when you factor in the increased cost of parkas and toques, we still come out way ahead,” said Eileen Janzen, new Tuxedo resident. “Plus my Harry is going to have loads of extra money to spend at the Grove every afternoon.”

The Janzens built a small family home in Abbotsford back in the mid-70s and have now sold that same home for enough money to buy half of Wellington Crescent.

“Of course the new owners are just going to tear it all down,” said Eileen Janzen. “They basically paid $1.4 million for an empty lot.”

With their Abbotsford money, the Janzens moved over to Winnipeg where they immediately purchased two mansions, a downtown skyscraper, and two strip malls on Henderson Highway.

“We also own 30% stake in the Winnipeg Jets,” said Harry Janzen. “Boy, you sure get a bang for your buck in Winnipeg.”

All their friends back in Abbotsford are already placing bets on how far into the month of December before the Janzens are ready to come back home.

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