Wardrobe Malfunction Taints Mennonite Quartet Performance


The Jansen Brothers are world-renowed for their smooth harmonies and beautiful renditions of such classics as ‘Church in the Wildwood’ and ‘I’ll Fly Away.’ However, for the congregation at East Omaha MBEM Church last night, the quartet will be remembered more for an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction than anything else.

“There he was, Earl Jansen, casually leaning his elbow on the piano, when all the sudden – POP – there went the top button of his shirt,” said horrified church pianist Eleanor Friesen. “I tried to keep plunking away at the song, but the sight of his chest hair billowing out from the top of his shirt was just too distracting.”

Earl went on with the performance, completely oblivious to the fact he was now displaying a small part of his chest for all to see.

“Ladies in the audience were fainting,” said Friesen. “Fathers were quickly scurrying their young children out the door.”

Some people are suggesting that Earl Jansen did it on purpose to gain attention, but the bass singer denies such accusations.

“The Jansen Brothers are a wholesome godly quartet,” said Earl. “I can assure you that if I’m exposing my sternum to anyone, it’s to my wife in the privacy of our own home on a Sunday afternoon.”

Sales of the Jansen Brothers 8-track tape were hot commodities with the MBEM youth group after the service.

(photo credit: by Hot Meteor/ CC)

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