Mennonite Man Keeps On Asking Questions He Easily Could’ve Googled


Mr. Klassen set a record today by posting more than thirty times on the local Oba Jo Steinbach page. His posts, however, were made up entirely of things he could’ve easily Googled.

“What time does the MCC open? Does Sobey’s sell schmaunt fat? When time is the EMBCCM Bible Study on Wednesday?” and so on.

Klassen says he doesn’t have time for Googling and much prefers that one of his fellow Oba Jo Steinbach users does the Googling for him.

“But what I’m really hoping for is conflicting information,” said Klassen. “I’d much rather have Brenda say she thinks the MCC opens at 8 but she’s not sure, and Tyler say he’s heard it opens at 8:30 but they’re no longer accepting mattress donations and Alice say she doesn’t know why I’m asking since she much prefers the Grunthal MCC store. Then I can piece it all together and try to figure it out myself.”

Klassen is waking up early tomorrow to ask Oba Jo Steinbach users whether McDonalds is finished with their renos, whether you can still get a frosty at Wendy’s for 99 cents, and how to register for Zoom church on Sunday.

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