Mennonite Tennis Fan Unaffected by Repetitive Head Turning


Andreas Siemens of Winkler, Manitoba was at the US Open this week where he became the very first fan to ever watch a full day of tennis without significant neck strain.

“I’m used to the rubber necking I guess,” said Siemens. “You should see me whip my head back and forth whenever someone walks in the door at the coffee shop back home in Winkler.”

Siemens managed to turn his neck from left to right more than 10,000 times this Sunday and didn’t feel even the slightest discomfort at the end of the day.

“If I can turn my head to gawk at every single Englisher who walks into the Winkler Tim Hortons,” said Siemens, “then surely I should have no problem watching 2 hours of Caroline Wozniacki and Coco Gauff.”

After his remarkable achievement, Siemens has been recruited by tennis fans to teach his ball-following technique.

“It’s like they always say,” said Siemens. “It’s all in the neck.”

Not only is Siemens considered a world expert on left-to-right head turning, but he also claims to be “pretty darn good” at the up-and-down head-nod, which he says he’s mastered from years of bowing to pray and nodding in affirmation at whatever the pastors says.

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