Mennonites Demand Winnipeg Mayor to Change the City Name to ‘Vanapag’


Thousands of Mennonites from across the city surrounded Winnipeg City Hall on Friday demanding that Mayor Bowman change the name of the city to Vanapag.

“We’re here today to express our desire to see real change at City Hall,” said the elder spokesmenno. “That change needs to start with a change in name to something that reflects the vay vee¬†Mennonites say it.”

Bowman seemed unmoved by the petition, stating that the name Winnipeg had a long historic connection and would not be changed.

“Ve’re disappointed in his response,” said the spokesmenno, “but no matter what these city people think, ve’re going to keep saying it Vanapag. They can’t stop us.”

He then claimed that Mennonites had successfully convinced the city of Winncouver, BC to change their name years ago and was hoping that the Manitoba capital would also be receptive to the idea.

“I hope that before I die I can see the Vanapag Jats play the Vancouver Knackes,” he said. “It jast would be vanderful.”

(photo credit: Robert Lindsell/CC)

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