Hungover Mennonite Woman Insists “It’s Only Covid”


Eleanor Driedger, 61, of Saskatoon had a little too much to drink at the lady’s Bible study and wine event last night, but refused to admit she’d come down with a hangover this next morning.

“Oh, it’s got to be Covid,” said Driedger, reaching for her thermometer. “It’s nothing really. Nothing for the elders to be concerned about. Just a little coronavirus, that’s all.”

The local Mennonite church takes matters like this very serious and are making Driedger do the one-leg stand and the walk and turn before she can come into the sanctuary.

“We just want to make sure her symptoms are truly pandemic-related rather than something more seriously like Merlot,” said Pastor Dan. “We all know headaches can come from a lot of sources and we’re just ensuring Mrs. Driedger’s headache stems from some sketchy virus rather than from having a glass or two.”

Driedger says she’d never felt this way before and insists it must be some kind of bug.

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