Fiery Romance Ignites in Daily Bonnet Comment Section


Days after discovering their common interest in Mennonite satire, Daily Bonnet readers Martha of Gnadenfeld and Abe of nearby Schönenberg decided they would meet at MJs Kafe in Steinbach “to see if this might go somewhere.”

“I saw Abe’s comments there on the Facebook and couldn’t resist,” said Martha. “He always seemed to add something to the joke.”

Abe said he “creeped” on Martha’s profile and was impressed with the size of her pumpkins.

“Looks like maybe she’s got a six or seven-hundred pounder there,” said Abe. “I had no idea there were women of this quality living so nearby.”

The romance began when Martha added a smiley face below Abe’s comments, which Abe immediately interpreted as a sign of interest.

“It was a little forward,” said Abe, “but, hey, this is the 21st century. That’s just the way things are these days.”

Martha says she’s looking forward the MJs date and claims you can tell a lot about a person by what they order at a Mennonite restaurant.

“Let’s just say when given the option between ham and farmer sausage, there’s really only one right answer,” said Martha. “I sure hope Abe makes the right choice.”

(photo credit: by bravenewtraveler/ CC)

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