Mennonite Woman Under the Impression that Opening a Few Windows Will Cool Things Down in Here


Despite soaring temperatures, Mrs. Kroeker of Winkler is under the impression that opening a few windows should do the trick.

“Air conditioning? Waut de hunt!” exclaimed Mrs. Kroeker. “In my day we didn’t have such thing as air conditioning! You think our housebarn in Reinland had AC? Na, oba!”

Kroeker’s daughter Carol exclaimed that opening the window would only make things worse, but that didn’t stop the elder Mrs. Kroeker from scurrying all over the house opening the windows and hoping it’ll cool things down a bit. 

“Ahh, this are much better,” said Mrs. Kroeker, propping up lawn chair in the living room and knacking her zoat out the open window. “Plus, as a bonus, we’ll get a few mosquitos and flies while we’re at it.”

The move has been applauded by Kroeker’s husband Harold who refuses to turn the heat on in winter until “it’s at least minus 50 once yet such.”

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