Mennonite Man Shames Restaurant by Weighing Farmer Sausage to Prove it’s Underweight


Mr. Harder was aghast at the minuscule portion size of farmer sausage he received at a local Mennonite restaurant in Blummenhimmel this week and immediately asked to speak to the manager.

“I’ve been around long enough to know what a 20 ounce sausage looks like,” said Harder. “And this, my friend, is no 20 ounce foarmaworcht!”

Harder swiftly went back to the truck to get the scale he uses to measure grain and knackzoat, and threw the sausage on the scale.

“And lo and behold, what did it say? 18.5 ounces! Disgusting!” said Harder. “I better get a pretty nice discount!”

The restaurant owner at Heaven’s Door Schmaunt Fat and More¬†said the weights listed in the menu are pre-cooking and that farmer sausage shrinks after cooking.

“Well, then give it to me raw with a bit of vinegar,” said Harder. “Diewel, do they even know what they’re doing in the kitchen back there!”

Harder also filed a complaint saying that his vereniki were understuffed.

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