Top 10 Unger Review Articles of 2023

Happy 2024, everyone! 2023 was a year of change around here and I know how much Mennonites love change.

Most notable for this website, of course, was the rebranding of the main page from The Daily Bonnet to The Unger Review, and I’m grateful that everyone seems to have made it through this particularly traumatic episode unscathed. Let us never forget about the time the GC changed to the MC or when the Kleine Gemeinde became the EMC. See, we can do this! For those who miss The Daily Bonnet brand, however, just remember that it’s alive and well. There’s a whole section of the site with Daily Bonnet branding and I still use The Daily Bonnet to label our “particularly Menno” articles.

The addition of the (admittedly infrequent) headline contest was also a lot of fun this year. As with my borscht recipe, I’m still working out the kinks with that, but expect to see the headline contest continue in 2024.

I’m also glad to see that many of you have picked up and enjoyed my novel Once Removed and collection The Best of the Bonnet this year. It was fun to meet many of you at events in the past year or so, including a reading I did while trying to stay upright on a moving train from Toronto to Saskatoon. (For more information about appearances and events by author Andrew Unger, visit or follow him on social media.)

So here they are, the top 10 most popular articles on the Unger Review in 2023. (This is based purely on the number of clicks, not social media engagement or my personal favourites). Click on the links below to revisit the most popular Unger Review articles of the year.

10) Winnipeg Jets Trade for the Wrong Toews

9) Mennonites Flock to Nickelback Concert to Collect their 5 Cents

8) 5 Mennonite Surnames that Sound Naughty But Aren’t

7) Mennonite Woman Frequents Thrift Store to Avoid Doing Laundry

6) Canadians Accidentally Set Off Fireworks 3 Days Early

5) How to Choose Your New Colony Name: A Guide for Hutterites

4) Mennonites Suspected in $20 Million Golden Syrup Heist at Pearson Airport

3) Bargain-Hungry Mennonites Fill Arena for 50 Cent Concert

2) Winnipeg Man Consumes All 183 ‘Burger Week’ Burgers

1) Abbotsford Woman Mortgages House to Pay for Taylor Swift Tickets

Check out this video of Andrew Unger counting down and chatting about the top Unger Review articles of the year:


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