Shoplifter Donates Robin Hood Flour to the Poor


During the Great Abbotsford Flour Heist of 2020, Mr. Dueck, 82, made off with three small bags of Robin Hood flour under his coat and a couple more in a hidden compartment on his walker.

“I also managed to snag a lovely jar of Crosby’s black strap molasses. But that I’m keeping for myself,” said Dueck. “The flour, though, well, that I’m donating to the poor.”

Dueck and his merry men have hit up local grocery stores throughout the Fraser Valley, always being sure to rob from the rich and give to the poor.

“I scooped up a cup full and dumped it into the offering plate last Sunday,” said Dueck. “You know the evil sheriff might not like us, but the people sure do!”

Dueck is hoping his generous ways will win the heart of maid Mary Reimer, who’s approaching 70 and is really looking to settle down with a handsome Mennonite man in his early 80s.

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