Mennonite Church Lifts Television Ban Just in Time For that New Menno Sitcom


The MBEMMMCGC Church of Winkler has allowed a “temporary dispensation” to allow parishioners to buy a used TV from the thrift store, prop it up on a bale in the yard, and watch that new Maria and the Mennos show.

“But it better not be on a Sunday,” said Pastor David. “And I don’t want everyone repeating all the jokes in the lobby after church … at least not without a spoiler alert.”

Maria and the Mennos is a sitcom about a Filipina woman who marries into a Mennonite family and has to live with her in-laws in Winkler once yet.

“At first when I heard about it, I thought, ‘oba, it doesn’t give such,'” said Mrs. Klippenstein, “but then I turned on the TV and said, ‘na, jauma, it seems that it really does give such.'”

Maria and the Mennos will be giving such starting January 3 at 9:30 pm on Yes TV.

“Of course, that’s a little late for Henry and I,” said Mrs. Klippenstein, “so we’ll be streaming it before faspa.”

As soon as the MBEMMMCGC Church church announced that television sets were now permitted, elders discovered that almost everyone had already been hiding them in their basements all along.

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