Mennonites Flock to Nickelback Concert to Collect their 5 Cents


When word got out that Nickelback was in town, thousands of Mennonites flocked to the arena in Winnipeg this week to collect their refund.

“I heard this is the place to get my nickel back,” said Garth Kehler of North Kildonan. “I’ve been standing in line for an hour, so I sure hope I get my five cents.”

There was pushing and shoving and things got pretty heated as Mennonites jostled in position to get their refund.

“We want our nickel back! We want our nickel back!” yelled the increasingly restless crowd.

After a while, they were told that they had to purchase tickets for well over $100 if they wanted a nickel back.

“I don’t mind paying as long as I get my nickel back,” said Kehler. “I’m always interested in saving money. Just last weekend, my Annie and I spend $600 on a weekend trip to Grand Forks in order to save $43 on clothes. So as you can see, I know a good deal when I see one.”

Kehler and his posse refused to leave until they got their nickel back.

“Ugh, all I got was a guitar pick they tossed into the crowd,” said Kehler. “Well, I guess that’s probably worth a nickel.”

At press time, all the nickels had already been spent on well-rinsed margarine containers at the local MCC.

(photo credit:oxfamnovib/CC)

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