Pallister to Live Out the Rest of His Days in Quaint Central American Colony


A mix-up in paperwork had former Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister arriving at a conservative Mennonite colony in Belize, rather than the resort in Costa Rica he had intended.

Oba, waut on earth is this place yet?” said Pallister, now speaking fluent Plautdietsch. “Let me tell you, the selection of cervezas around here is pretty disappointing.”

Pallister had brought along nothing but a pair of board shorts and flip flops, which he quickly exchanged for a plaid shirt, a nice new set of overalls and a pre-worn set of shit kicker boots.

“And would you look at that? Half of Manitoba is down here with me,” said Pallister. “I wonder if they’d elect me oberschulze of this place.”

At first the former Premier was ready to hightail it south about a thousand miles, but has already acclimatized himself to his new environment.

“It was the food that did it,” said Pallister. “You simply can’t get roll kuchen like this in Costa Rica!”

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