Winkler Family Plans Exotic Vacation in Morden this Summer


Since international travel remains a no-go this year, Winkler family, the Schroeders, have decided to go someplace they’ve never been to before, that being the neighbouring community of Morden.

“We’ve been to Playa del Carman fifteen times, but we’ve never been to Morden,” said Mrs. Schroeder. “Looks like 2020 is finally our year.”

While Mrs. Schroeder wants to see how the Morden thrift store compares to the one in Winkler, Mr. Schroeder is most interested in visiting the Manitoba Baseball Hall of Fame to anoint the effigy of Manitoba’s greatest baseball legend Corey Koskie.

“They’ve also got some kind of dinosaur out there I hear,” said Mr. Schroeder. “Morden sounds like quite the place, but I just hope their cenotes are as good as the ones in the Yucatan.”

The Schroeders have purchased an extra role of film for the trip, eagerly anticipating all the photos they will take and share with their friends.

“I’ve always thought of my Harold as risk-taker, but I never knew he had a trip to Morden in him,” said Mrs. Scheoder. “Let me tell you, the trip to Morden will be the most exotic and daring vacation we’ve ever had.”

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