JK Rowling Releases Mennonite Harry Potter Book ‘Without All the Magic’


In an effort to make her books more appealing to a wider audience, best-selling author J.K. Rowling is releasing new edited versions of her popular Harry Potter books that removes all the witchcraft and wizardry.

“Mennonites prefer books that take place in the real world of farmers and ladies in long dresses,” explained Rowling’s editor Susan B. Sinclair. “They don’t have much use for fantasy and magic.”

The new series, which deletes all the magic, is a total of fifty-three pages long spaced out over seven books. The shorter length is also thought to be more appealing to Mennonites, many of whom have much better things to do than read.

“Not only will it avoid any talk of magic, but the shorter lengths of the books will also allow plenty of time to check on the cows,” said Sinclair. “We’re hoping that Mennonite parents will finally allow their children to read our books.”

A new Mennonite version of the CS Lewis’ classic children’s novel The Lion and the Wardrobe is also being released this summer.

(photo credit: by lozikiki/CC)

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