That Old Time Religion is Good Enough for Uncle Henry


At a family get-together this past week, Uncle Henry proclaimed to any young person who would listen that he didn’t need none of this new fangled religion because the old time variety was more than adequate.

“Give me some of that,” he said to his niece Leanne who had just opened a jar of salsa. “This stuff is like a religion to me. If it was good enough for dad and mother, it sure as heck has gotta be good enough for my tortilla chips.”

Uncle Henry then proceeded to pour some of that old time salsa all over his plate, noting that they just didn’t make salsa like they used to.

“So many kids these days get swayed by the latest trend in doctrine, or the newest gadget, or the hip new salsa recipe with corn and black beans in it. But as for me,” Henry said, rising to his feet. “As for me, this old time salsa is good enough.”

Henry claimed the recipe dated back to the time of the Apostles and that they found it plenty good enough, yet.

“Some things should never change,” said Henry. “All these young punks think they’ve gotta have the latest and best, but I’ll just take the salsa that was good enough for the Hebrew children, thank you very much.”

He then proceeded to dump the rest of the jar onto his burger before parking himself on the sofa and complaining about the length of women’s skirts these days.

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