Mennonite Man Keeps Reusing the Same Poppy He Bought 30 Years Ago


Thanks to an ingenious pinning technique by his wife Susie, Mr. Harms of Black Creek has managed to re-wear the same poppy he purchased back in the late 1980s.

“Ahh, it’s November now, Susie, now where is my poppy?” said Mr. Harms, rummaging through his dresser. “Oh, here it is in the sock drawer. Perfect!”

Although there was a close call where Mr. Harms nearly lost his poppy during a hailstorm in the mid 90s, for the most part it’s been smooth sailing.

“If you pin the needle back through your coat and stab it into the poppy again, it seems to stay in place,” said Mr. Harms. “Susie’s pinning strategy sure has saved me a lot of loose change over the years.”

Sadly, Mr. Harms says he’s not been as fortunate with his MCC Peace Buttons, which he’s had to replace on two or three occasions over the years.

“You win some, you lose some,” said Mr. Harms. “Thankfully, when it comes to poppies, I’m coming up daisies.”

(photo credit: Benoit Aubry/wikicommons)

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