Fred Penner’s Cat Fails to Return


Legendary family entertainer Fred Penner was spotted searching his neighbourhood this past weekend for his beloved cat Ralph after the 7-year-old British Shorthair failed to return home following a brief sojourn in Winnipeg.

“We looked all over for that cat. I thought he was a goner,” said a concerned Fred Penner. “I guess this time I was right…”

After three days of frantically scouring the neighbourhood for Ralph, Fred Penner has decided to give up the search.

“He’s in the Lord’s hands now,” said Fred Penner. “Every cat I’ve ever owned before has always come back, and usually the very next day…or, if I’m being completely honest, after a day or two, but they always always come back.”

Fred Penner is asking the public to help him find Ralph. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Fred Penner’s cat please contact 1-800-FREDS-CAT.

A prize of sandwiches, beautiful sandwiches, is being offered.

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