Mennonite Couple Saves Millions by Pickling the Watermelon Rinds


The Driedgers of Rosetown have found a lucrative new way to save a bit of money – pickling their watermelon rinds.

“With the amount my Stanley eats each years, we could be talking millions of dollars here,” said Ruth Driedger. “I just hope I have enough Mason jars.”

Normally, the Driedgers just throw the rinds to the pigs, but this year they’re going to turn them into a delicious treat.

“It’s like getting double the value from the same watermelon,” said Driedger. “Kind of like what we do with the Cottonelle.”

The Driedger plan to subsist entirely on pickled watermelon rinds this fall and well into winter.

“First we’ve got to consume a few watermelons over the summer,” said Driedger. “My Stanley has a lot of work to do.”

(photo credit: Rebecca Siegel/CC)

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