Manitoba Couple Forgets to Bring “the Good Farmer Sausage” on Trip to Alberta


The Doerksens of Altona disappointed a whole community of Alberta Mennonites this week after completely forgetting to bring the “good farmer sausage” with them on a recent trip.

“We were in such a rush, it just slipped my mind,” said Mrs. Doerksen. “I feel really bad. I know how devastating it can be to go months with just whatever farmer sausage they can get out there in Alberta.”

The Alberta relatives were so upset that they made the Doerksens sleep on the old Hide-a-bed from the 70s.

“That’ll teach them to forget my formavorscht!” said cousin Henry. “Let’s see how their backs feel after a night on that old thing!”

Although the Alberta Mennonites were able to replicate the schmaunt fat without much difficulty, for some reason farmer sausage has always been a challenge.

“It just ain’t the same,” said cousin Henry. “The guy around here puts too much garlic in it or something.”

Cousin Henry says he’s strongly considering moving to Manitoba where he can get the good stuff whenever he wants.

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