Mennonite Couple Covered in Flour After Things Get Frisky in the Kitchen


Mom and Dad had some explaining to do after the Dueck children found them in a state of disrobe and completely covered in flour when they were dropped off at home by grandma.

“We were baking,” explained Mrs. Dueck to her baffled children. “You know how Dad gets when I bake. He can’t help but get involved.”

Mr. Dueck was quick to confirm his wife’s explanation of the situation.

“You see, children, when a man and woman love each other very much, sometimes they like to go to the kitchen and make sugar cookies together,” explained Mr. Dueck. “Here try one…they’re delicious.”

The kids were reluctant to try the finished product and Mrs. Dueck quickly steered the conversation in another direction when the topic of the spatula was raised.

“The spatula comes in real handy when I’m flipping Mom’s cookies,” said Mr. Dueck. “At first my technique was all off, but she says I’m getting better at it all the time.”

The Dueck children vowed not to eat any Christmas baking this year and wondered amongst themselves just when Mom was going to announce the arrival of their new baby brother.

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