College and Career Glow Bowling Event Results in Record Number of Hook-Ups


Local College and Career leaders are excited about the significant increase in young men and women hooking-up after a recent glow-bowling event.

“It’s really nice to see relationships form like that. That’s what this group is all about,” said leader David B. Hiebert. “After all, it was at a C&C event just like this three years ago where I met my wife Samantha.”

The dim lights of the bowling alley are particularly conducive in sparking romantic flames, which is why Hiebert likes to have events like this as often as possible.

“We’re gonna do this once a month if we can,” said Hiebert. “And hopefully next summer most of these young people will be married, or at least in a serious dating relationship. This is where it all starts, isn’t it? Flirting at the Deluxe 5-Pin Bowling Lanes?”

Hiebert says that fostering spiritual growth would be an added bonus, but feels the primary focus of College and Career groups should be to get young people doing who knows what in the back of their parent’s car after each event.

“Let’s face it,” said Heibert. “If you’re not attending Bible College, groups like this are the only place where young Christians can meet and hook up. I think we’re providing an essential service here.”

(Photo credit: by robad0b /CC)

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