Mennonite Pastor Earns $400,000 for Wall Street Sermon


Retired Mennonite pastor Dave Froese of Alt-Bergfeld EMB just raked in more than $400,000 for an hour-long sermon on Ephesians 6 he gave at a meeting of Wall Street bankers. However, the sermon has come not without criticism from the Mennonite left.

“It just goes to show that all those sermons in the Alt-Bergfeld church about ‘blessed are the poor’ and ‘sell all your possessions and give the money away’ were just a facade,” said protestor Anne Dueck. “He didn’t care about the little guy back then and he sure doesn’t now. All he cares about are his criminal friends on Wall Street.”

Some have defended Pastor Dave’s actions saying that he’s a private citizen now and can do what he wants.

“Retired Mennonite pastors are in high demand for Wall Street banquets,” said broker Andrew Peters. “Why should we judge a private citizen who spent their whole life fighting for the little guy and then cashes in big time when they retire? I mean, would you turn down $400,000 for a single sermon?”

Pastor Dave has responded publicly to the criticism.

“Last fall when you chose that hip new pastor who brought in a flashy rock band and started singing Hillsong songs, you were sending a clear message that you wanted change in the Mennonite church,” said Pastor Dave. “And so I had no choice but to leave the church, abandon all my principles, and make it big on Wall Street.”

It is not known whether Pastor Dave has found a new church and whether he plans to tithe 10% of the $400,000 or just spend it all on Mennonite history books and rum.

(photo credit: by Alan Kotok /CC)

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