Mennonite Teen Accused of Showing Too Much Ankle on Snapchat


Local Mennonite teen Patricia Schmidt, 18, will appear before the church deacon board on Tuesday to defend her immodest post on social media over the weekend.

“I was just showing off my new Maddens to my friends. I didn’t think anything of it,” said Schmidt, who had just purchased the shoes on a recent shopping trip to the city.

Apparently, she had inadvertently sent the ten second shot of her footwear to Timothy Goossen who screen-captured it and sent it to the pastor.

“We just don’t think young ladies should be going around exposing their ankles like this,” said 83-year-old Rev. Janzen. “We may have to ask her to apologize in front of the congregation.”

Schmidt has been arraigned on charges of ‘Being a Young Woman in a Mennonite Town,’ and will be asked to keep her head down and her mouth shut while the men decide her fate.

(photo credit: Judit Klein/CC)

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