Frasier Institute Petitions Government to Send More Tax Money to Kelsey Grammer


The venerable right-wing think tank ‘The Frasier Institute’ is sick and tired of all the government money that’s being wasted and would prefer if all those tax dollars went directly to Kelsey Grammer instead.

“‘Schitt’s Creek’ and ‘Kim’s Convenience’ get enough tax-payer money,” said Frasier Institute spokesperson Mikhail Walters. “I know Canadians would much prefer if that money went to buying Kelsey Grammer a new swimming pool or Ferrari.”

Some have suggested, however, that the Frasier Institute’s findings may be a little biased.

“Ach, that’s just fake news. Our research methodology is rock solid,” said Walters. “We petitioned everyone in this office and we all agreed Kelsey Grammer needed more money.”

The Frasier Institute has been on this hobby-horse for decades and no thinking person takes their analysis seriously anymore.

(photo credit: Drama League/CC)

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