House Speaker Rota Utterly Bewildered During ‘Axis and Allies’ Game


Moments after resigning his post as Speaker of the House, Liberal MP Anthony Rota was spotted in sweatpants at the weekly ‘Axis and Allies’ games night held at Justin Trudeau’s bachelor pad.

“Wait, so which side is Russia on?” wondered Rota, wiping his Cheetos-stained fingers on a pant leg. “Ugh, this is why I like to stick to Risk. Axis and Allies is far too complicated.”

According to reports, Rota’s inability to understand the basics of the WWII strategy game was a constant irritant for the other players.

“He didn’t understand any of the rules. Plus he kept attacking the wrong team,” said Trudeau. “It was like playing with my 4-year-old nephew. So annoying …”

Trudeau has been hosting these games night ever since he became single a few months ago, but he’s beginning to question his list of invited guests.

“It took us like five hours just to explain the rules,” said Trudeau. “Plus he drank all the Pepsi.”

Rota says he’s done with ‘Axis and Allies’ and says he plans to stick to simple, easy-to-understand games like that “flicking game” he learned in Kitchener.

Meanwhile, Trudeau says that from now on he’s going to ask just the true nerds of Parliament to attend his games night, though he’s not sure Pierre Poilievre will take him up on the invite.

(photo credit: Ivan Salas/CC)

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