Federal Liberals Enlist the Amish to Address Housing Crisis


Fresh from high level cabinet meetings, the federal Liberal party has come up with a brand new plan to address the nation’s housing crisis–hire the Amish.

“I’m sure they can raise a few thousand affordable housing units in no time,” said Prime Minister Trudeau. “The Amish are so industrious … not like those shiftless Mennonites.”

Concerned he might be getting his ideas about various Anabaptists groups from The Simpsons, citizens are wondering just how effective this plan really will be.

“All I can say is I hope my new condo has electricity,” said prospective home buyer Alyssa Krause. “And a good quality butter churner.”

Amish-built condos are springing up all across the GTA, but so far things have not gone as expected.

“Rather than lowering the price,” said Krause, “people are paying a premium for a good high quality hand-crafted Amish-built condo.”

Krause  has resigned herself to the fact that if she ever wants to be a homeowner someday, she’ll have to move to Manitoba.

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