NFL Announces New Gruelling 162-Game Schedule


In an effort to increase revenues and compete with baseball, starting next season the National Football League will be expanding it’s season to a full 162 games.

“I’m not sure how we were able to manage so many years with only one-tenth of the revenue they churn out in the MLB,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “I mean the increase in hot dog sales alone should do wonders for our bottom line.”

The 2024 NFL season will feature between 5 and 6 games per week, “plus the occasional double header on the weekend,” says Goodell.

“In order to accommodate the new expanded schedule, teams will be allowed a couple extra players on their rosters,” said Goodell. “You know, just in case of injuries.”

In response, the Canadian Football League has also announced they’ll be playing 180 games next year.

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