Super Bowl Fans Accuse Taylor Swift of Distracting from the Commercials


It’s Super Bowl Sunday and that means millions of people will be on the edge of their seats to catch a glimpse of Taylor Swift. For some, however, Taylor’s presence just distracts from what the Super Bowl is all about: commercials.

“I’ve been watching the Super Bowl my whole life,” said diehard Super Bowl fan Greg Dueck. “I don’t mind Taylor Swift, but I really wish she didn’t take all the attention away from the various commercials that appear between plays.”

Dueck says true fans want to focus on the commercials on Super Bowl Sunday and Taylor Swift is just a sideshow.

“She can show up if she wants, but I really wish my concentration wasn’t interrupted,” said Dueck. “It’s hard to focus on the commercials when they’re constantly showing Taylor Swift.”

Dueck says he doesn’t blame Taylor, necessarily, but wishes that broadcasters would quit cutting away from the action of the commercials.

“There are so many distractions on Super Bowl Sunday,” said Dueck. “But we must never lose sight of the hard-working folks who made all those 30-second ads.”

Dueck admits that Taylor has brought a lot of new eyeballs to the Super Bowl commercials, but hopes these new fans will take the time to learn the nuances of the Super Bowl ads.

“You can be a casual Super Bowl ad fan,” said Dueck. “But please educate yourself. It’s really hardcore fans like myself who keep the advertising traditions of this Sunday alive.”

Dueck predicts a final score of 15 for Chevrolet to 5 for Dunkin Donuts.

(photo credit: Eva Rinaldi/CC)

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