Millennial Puts on Her Nicest Ripped Jeans for Church this Sunday


A 20-something at South Rosthern MB church decided to dress up in her finest attire this Sunday, which consisted of tight ripped blue jeans and an Old Navy sweatshirt, the most formal clothes she had in her entire wardrobe.

“I figured I’d go all out with the rips this Sunday,” said 22-year-old Amy Penner, who purchased her ripped jeans for $300 at a boutique shop in downtown Saskatoon. “These are definitely my Sunday best.”

Penner says she normally wears just an everyday $100 pair of ripped jeans to church most weeks, but figured she’d wear an extra rippy pair this Sunday to honour the Lord.

“I guarantee you these jeans cost a lot more money than Mrs. Friesen’s Reitmans dress,” explained Penner. “I splurged and got the 8-rip pair rather than the cheaper 6-rip pair.”

Meanwhile, Mrs. Friesen has been making a killing buying old jeans from the MCC Store, putting rips in them and selling them to young suckers.

“It’s nice to see some of the young people wearing my thrift store jeans,” said Mrs. Friesen. “I’ve raised so much money selling these things, I could supply the church ladies with pickles for years to come!”

Moms at South Rosthern are hoping the ripped jeans thing becomes a trend so they don’t have to spend so much time sewing patches.

(photo credit: Mike Kalasnik/CC)

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