Mennonite Woman Creates Her Own Rhubarb-Flavoured Bubly


Disappointed with the lack of rhubarb-flavoured options, diehard Bubly-drinker Evelen Sawatzky of Mitchell, Manitoba has taken matters into her own hands.

“Basically I just gather all the run-off water after I’m done washing the stalks,” said Sawatzky. “It’s about as flavourful as any other Bubly variety, so I’m satisfied.”

Not to be outdone, neighbour Jake Peters caught wind of Sawatzky’s plan and offered a refinement on the recipe.

“Rhubarb water is one thing, but it’s got to have a little pep,” said Peters, “so I’ve dumped it all in a big metal tub and I’ve got the kids blowing bubbles in it all weekend. Should have plenty of carbonation by Monday or so.”

The Bubly corporate office, however, is not impressed, saying they can’t figure out how someone cracked their secret recipe.

(photo credit: Mike Mozart/CC)

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