Mennonite Woman Agrees to Annual Meddachschlop for Her Henry’s Birthday


Mrs. Funk, 61, had nearly forgotten about her promise for their annual meddachschlop this afternoon, until her Henry reminded her it was his birthday.

“Ah, okay, yes, Henry, is it that time of year again,” said Mrs. Funk. “I nearly forgot. Let me get into my pyjamas.”

Mrs. Funk slipped into something more comfortable, while her Henry quickly gorged on a heeping plate of vereniki in preparation for the meddachschlop.

“It’s not something I really enjoy, but it’s his birthday,” said Mrs. Funk. “Every Mennonite man deserves a ten minute meddachschlop once a year or so.”

As soon as her Henry was done with his perogies, he plopped down on his side of the bed for his afternoon nap.

“He was out like a light,” said Mrs. Funk. “Heck, I would have even made love to the man if he’d have asked. Too bad, his loss.”

Mrs. Funk left her Henry to sleep off the vereniki and spent all afternoon working on her latest quilt.

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