Streaker Disrupts Mennonite Church Service


The service at East Blumenhof Brethren was rudely interrupted by a “basically naked” young woman who walked in the door claiming she was “visiting for the first time.” Within minutes of her arrival, the streaker was arrested by local police and charged with “indecent exposure.”

“She just waltzed in here wearing nothing but casual sneakers, flared denim jeans, and a modest Reitman’s blouse,” explained Elder Wiebe, “but her entire head, including every strand of hair, was completely and utterly naked.”

The entire congregation gasped when the streaker walked in and quietly sat down in the back row during the singing of ‘Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me.’

“I think she must have been intoxicated to show up with nothing but clothes on,” said Wiebe. “This is East Blumenhof Brethren, not the Moulin Rouge!”

Earlier in the year a male streaker visited East Blumenhof wearing shorts and a t-shirt and was arrested for not sporting a pair of Wal-Mart suspenders.

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