Mennonite Man Buried Under Huge Pile of Coats on Master Bed


Mr. Klassen had plopped himself down for a nice meddachschlop this Sunday afternoon, when a steady stream of unexpected guests piled into the Klassen residence. While Mrs. Klassen politely invited the Fehrs, Wiebes, Goertzens and Bueckerts in for some tea and schnetke, she had her son Danny throw their coats on the bed in the master bedroom.

“I was looking all over for Henry, but he was nowhere to be seen,” said Mrs. Klassen. “It was really very rude. We had guests and I was stuck talking about the price of eggs with Wiebes for two hours.”

Mr. Klassen was sound asleep and totally enveloped in a huge pile of coats that muffled even the bellowing sound of his snoring.

“The place was abuzz with activity and Henry was fast asleep,” said Mrs. Klassen. “We only discovered him when the Fehrs finally left .”

The Fehrs finally proclaimed, ‘Oba, it’s getting late and Peter has to work in the morning,’ sometime after midnight. When Danny went to retrieve their coats, he made a shocking discovery.

“There was Dad fast asleep,” said Danny. “We sure could have used his help during the knipsbrat tournament.”

Mrs. Klassen is using the incident to pressure her husband into building more closet space, but Mr. Klassen claims the closet is plenty big enough and that he doesn’t see any reason to change the Mennonite tradition of tossing the outerwear on the bed.

“Nah, we’ve been doing it this way for centuries,” said Mr. Klassen. “Sometimes I think that Helen has come under the influence of the Lutherans or something.”

Mrs. Klassen claims she got the idea for the larger closet from a Baptist woman she met once in an outing to Grand Forks.

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