Mennonite Couple Discovers Where Babies Come from Just a Little Too Late


Newlyweds Anne and Peter Krahn of the La Crete area quickly discovered where babies come from after a weekend at the Days Inn and a half bottle of Crown Royal.

“Oba, so that’s how it works,” exclaimed Anne, after a recent checkup at the doctor. “I guess we never should’ve booked that motel out on the highway.”

The Krahns were hoping to wait until Peter finished carpentry school to start a family, but their plans hit a snag after they found out how it all works.

“I guess we learned the hard way,” said Peter. “I’m surprised my parents never explained all this to me…”

Anne is still a little confused, but says it finally makes sense why they got all those baby shower gifts at their wedding reception last month.

“You know, I really wish we’d had some education on the matter, but I guess it’s not all bad,” said Anne. “You should see my friends the Klippensteins – they didn’t find out where babies come from until their sixth child.”

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