Mennonite Politician Tweets Photo of Wife Mucking the Stalls After 12-Hour Nursing Shift


Not wanting anyone to outdo the Mennos when it comes to ill-advised Tweets, Manitoba politician Ernie Janzen, 61, quickly snapped a photo of his wife Doris mucking the stalls just after she came home from a 12-hour overnight nursing shift.

“Ahh, look at her out there in the barn,” said Ernie, kicking back and warming his toes by the fireplace. “That’s quite the wife I’ve got there, let me tell you.”

Ernie stood at the picture window as the sun was rising and snapped photo after photo of his wife hard at work laying down straw and cleaning manure out of the barn.

“The horse appreciates her mucking efforts I’m sure,” said Ernie, throwing a PopTart in the toaster. “Likewise, I sure hope Doris appreciates my efforts to make her a nice hot breakfast!”

In response to Ernie’s photographic endeavours, Doris stormed into the house, threw a shovel in his hands, and told her husband to go muck himself.

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