Mennonite Woman Still Waiting for Her Photos to be Developed at Penner Foods


Mrs. Bickert of Altona dropped off a roll of film at her local Penner Foods more than three weeks ago and she still hasn’t seen her photos of the Bickert Christmas gathering.

“I’m really curious to see if Peter sucked in his gut like I told him to and if we managed to get a shot of June that didn’t catch her mid-blink,” said Mrs. Bickert. “Ahh, Penners sure isn’t as fast as they used to be.”

Mrs. Bickert has been calling her local Penners every afternoon to see if her photos are ready, but so far they don’t even pick up the phone.

“It says the number is out of service, but I don’t believe that,” said Mrs. Bickert. “I think they’re just taking their sweet time like usual.”

Mrs. Bickert’s son Dan says he doesn’t know where his mother dropped off that roll of film, but it certainly wasn’t Penner Foods.

“My guess is she left it with one of the servers at Pizza Haven,” said Dan. “I imagine they’ve got some Penners on staff.”

It’s unclear how long Pizza Haven takes to develop photos, but Mrs. Bickert says she’s willing to wait so long as there aren’t any red eyes.

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