Man with Two Doses of Schmaunt Fat Forced to Mix it Up with Rhubarb Sauce


Despite receiving two helpings of vereniki with schmaunt fat, local man Michael Wall, 41, was told all they had left was rhubarb sauce for his third go around this week.

“They said they’re saving the schmaunt fat for the young people,” said Wall. “Makes sense. I guess I’m one of those mix-and-matchers now. But it’s no big deal. I hear the rhubarb sauce works just as well.”

Wall grew up in ditsied and so had never had rhubarb sauce on his vereniki before, but was informed it was very common in jantsied.

“I’d really like to know what’s in it before I partake,” said Wall, “but, hey, all these Winklerites look no worse for wear.”

After reluctantly poking at the rhubarb sauce-covered vereniki, Wall bravely thrust his fork in for a bite.

Oba, this is delicious!” proclaimed Wall. “I think I’m going to have rhubarb sauce boosters from now on!”

Wall is due for his next dose of rhubarb sauce in about eight weeks and then another eight weeks after that and another eight weeks after that.

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