Local McDonald’s Offering ‘Free Vasectomy With Purchase’


Due to overcrowding in the play room, a local McDonald’s has set up a mobile vasectomy clinic in the parking lot as service to the many families that stop by each day.

“We’re not forcing it on anyone,” said the restaurant spokesperson. “But if you’re buying 10 or more Happy Meals maybe it’s time to take some action.”

Local Mennonite father Peter Bueckert said he wasn’t ready to go under the knife just quite yet, but said when the time comes he was glad to know he could just pop by for the procedure between McNuggets.

“I’ve got to hand it to them, it sure is convenient,” said Bueckert. “But I’m just not sure I’m ready to make that kind of commitment.”

Mrs. Bueckert, on the other hand, said she was tired of Peter’s stalling and said she didn’t have time for any more excuses.

“They’re giving us a free vasectomy with the purchase of a medium fries,” said Mrs. Bueckert. “I know it’s not a trip to Disneyland, but Peter normally can’t resist a free offer.”

Unable to put it off any longer, Mr. Buekert had the procedure done in twenty minutes while his wife and kids were enjoying their McFlurries.

(photo credit: by thomaswanhoff/CC)

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