Try Your Hand at Mennonite Mad Libs!

For decades, children have entertained themselves on long road trips by filling in the blanks on the popular Mad Libs sheets. For your endless amusement, here is a Mennonite Mad Lib-style game.

Instructions: Print off this page. Then: Do not read the story out loud until one person asks for a ‘surname’, ‘animal’, ‘place’, etc. and fills in the other person’s answers in the appropriate blanks. Once you’re finished, read the completed story together and let the laughter ensue.


Old Mr. and Mrs. _______________________ (Mennonite surname) woke up early one Sunday morning to milk the __________________ (animal). Once they were finished, they decided it was time to go to ______________________ (place) or else the church elders would be upset. So they hitched up the horses, _____________________ (friend’s name) and _____________________ (another friend’s name), and galloped down the gravel road toward Blumenort.

However, about halfway between ____________________ (town/city name) and Blumenort, the old man decided he was hungry for _____________________ (Mennonite food) and decided to skip out on Reverend Penner’s sermon about wives submitting to their ____________________ (noun).

But his wife Bertha would have none of it and got so upset that she threw her dried up old _____________________ (baked good) right at her husband’s ___________________ (body part).

“Oba, Henry, you can’t just do whatever you’d like on a Sunday. You have obligations to all your cousins: Fuela _____________________ (first name 1), Gumshoe ____________________ (first name 2), Slapshot _______________________ (first name 3), Dirty _______________________ (first name 4), Sexy _____________________ (first name 5), and all the others.”

Just then Mr. ___________________ (same surname) pulled the horses over to the side of the road.

“______________________ (Plautdietsch profanity)! Look what you made me do,” said her husband. “I’ve got _________________________ (choose one: schmaunt fat, white sauce, pickle juice) all over my ________________________ (article of clothing). I need to find a ___________________ (occupation) to help me get this cleaned up.”

“Well, that’s what you get for _____________________ing (verb) and driving,” said Mrs. _________________(same surname), who took over the reigns. With a renewed sense of purpose, they made it to Blumenort just in time to see Henry Friesen _____________________ ed (verb) upon confession of his faith.

The elderly Mennonite couple were so happy they had gone to Blumenort that they celebrated with a huge bottle of _____________________ (liquid), which had gone a little sour from sitting out in the sun for too long.

In order the pay for the cleaning, however, the old man decided to sell his wife’s ____________________ (object), which was quite the hot commodity in Blumenort in those days.

That afternoon, the couple headed back home, hitched up the horses and had really ______________________ (adjective) Meddachschlop all afternoon.


(photo credit: by Joe Goldberg/CC )

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