Mennonite Woman Tries to Pass Off Blueberry Pie as Saskatoon Pie


Mrs. Krahn is in hot water this week after bringing what clearly was a blueberry pie to the Neuanlage soup and pie fundraiser and labelling it “Saskatoon berry pie.”

“Who does she think she’s kidding? These are store bought blueberries! Anyone can see that,” said rival pie-maker Mrs. Thiessen. “Who does she think we are? City people who can’t tell the difference? Maybe she thinks we’re Americans or something?”

At first a few inattentive pie lovers inadvertently took a piece, but it didn’t take long for the deceptive blueberry pie to be discovered… and discarded.

“Ugh, it doesn’t taste the same at all. Saskatoons are much sweeter and tastier!” said Mrs. Thiessen. “Only an amateur would be fooled by these dreadful blueberries! Oba, that Mrs. Krahn. That woman knew full well what she was doing when she signed up for this fundraiser! I bet she thought some extra sugar would save it! Well, Helen, it certainly does not!”

Mrs. Krahn has been charged with public mischief, fraud, and impersonating a saskatoon and, if convicted, will be forced to spend all her weekends this summer sweating it out in the bush gathering wild saskatoon berries with Mrs. Thiessen.

(photo credit: blgrssby/CC)

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