Thrift Store Confuses Shot Glasses for Candle Holders


More than three dozen shot glasses were mislabeled as candleholders at the local MCC store this week. It was the largest mislabeling of booze containers since volunteers at the MB church confused the donation of a large ornamental German beer stein for a miscellaneous button jar.

“Every week it’s just more and more candle holders,” said Mrs. Ethel Yoder, an 81-year-old thrift store volunteer. “Oh, well, I just put a 10 cent sticker on them and put them on the shelf next to the special tea cups and Precious Moments figurines.”

Mrs. Yoder was shocked at the diversity of candle holders that had been arriving lately.

“A steakhouse in Reno. Some Cancun resorts. And lots of Niagara Falls candle holders for some reason,” explained Yoder. “I also had no idea candle holders were such a big deal in Miami Beach, Florida.”

Yoder was equally baffled by the peculiar measurements etched into each item.

“Why anyone would need to measure candle wax in ounces is beyond me,” said Yoder. “Oh, well, to each his own I guess.”

The candle holders were quickly snatched up by frat boys during this week’s MCC sale.

“I guess they’re getting gifts for their mothers,” said Yoder. “That’s nice of them. A Mennonite mom can always use another candle holder.”

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