Trendy Cafe Allows Customers to Sit Around and Drink Coffee While Completely Surrounded by Farmers


While the Cat Cafe market may already be saturated in the Twin Cities, entrepreneur Erin Buhr of Mountain Lake has decided to open a new kind of establishment – a Farmer Cafe.

“Basically I just got my uncle and all his buddies to drive into the city, where I ply them with coffee,” said Buhr. “Then I charge millenials $20 an hour to bask in the presence of Stan, Earl, Pete, and Art.”

The new concept is already very popular, especially with college students.

“You can pick your own farmer. Corn, wheat, hog, dairy. You name it, we have it,” said Buhr. “I think a lot of people just like the warmth and comfort of being in proximity of a good sturdy farmer for once.”

For their services, the farmers are given a small salary, plus tips, if they earn them, that is.

“They do best when they dress the part,” said Buhr. “Overalls, rubber boots, farm insurance cap.”

Buhr is planning to open a second shop somewhere in St. Paul so long as she can find a parking lot big enough to fit all the tractors.

(photo credit: DSC03238b/CC)

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