Steinbach Dentist Concerned About Plaque


After taking a historic walking tour of Steinbach, Manitoba this weekend, local dentist D.K. Tahn expressed concerns about all the plaques he saw around town.

“There was a Barkman plaque and a Reimer plaque and a Friesen plaque, too,” said Tahn. “Not to mention that Russlander plaque. That would take quite the effort to remove.”

Tahn says all this plaque must have built up over the decades.

“They put up a new plaque every year it seems,” said Tahn. “The people in this town sure do love their plaques … and cairns, too.”

Tahn is urging Steinbachers to brush a little more and maybe someday we can get ahead of this plaque problem.

“I even heard there’s a Miriam Toews plaque going up,” said Tahn. “Well, if even our city’s foremost authors are suffering from plaque, then can any of us truly be safe?”

Tahn plans to stand on historic Elmdale Street all this summer handing out floss and breath mints.

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