Mennonite Man Struggles with Soup at Local Vietnamese Restaurant


Local man, Peter Unger, 41, decided to check out this fabulous soup he’d heard so much about from his friends the Sawatzkys, who pride themselves in their miraculous ability to venture beyond traditional Mennonite cuisine.

“They said I should check out this place called Viet House and order the soup,” said Unger. “When it arrived at the table, I couldn’t believe how little cabbage and farmer sausage there was in it. I’d never seen a soup anything like it before!”

Unger also was aghast at the fact he had to somehow eat this soup with chop sticks.

“I immediately asked for a spoon and some soda crackers,” said Unger. “Oh, and also a piece of Oma’s strawberry rhubarb pie. Can’t have my supp without pei!

After some help from the friendly staff, Unger managed to slurp a mouthful of the beef pho.

Jauma, this is even better than my Taunte Edith’s jreene schaubel supp!” exclaimed Unger. “From now on I’m having my supp and pei right here!”

Rather than pie, however, Unger wolfed down two helpings of salad rolls and a durian milkshake.

(photo credit: fatherspoon/CC)

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