Mennonite Man Finds Money Mysteriously Left Behind on Restaurant Table


Peter K. Barkman, 57, of the Winkler area hit the jackpot this past Tuesday as he found five quarters and a loonie inexplicably left behind on the table by previous restaurant patrons.

“It’s my lucky day!” he said, quickly pocketing the money. “There were a few crumbs, a dirty napkin, and half a cup a coffee, but for some reason there also was all this money there yet, too. Must have fallen out of someone’s purse.”

Barkman, who is calling himself the most fortunate man in Winkler, says this is not the first time this has happened to him.

“It happens a lot, to be honest,” he said, hauling out a jar of coins he’s been collecting for the past couple months. “I think by now I’ve got almost fifty dollars in leftover money from restaurants all over town. I don’t know why these people keep leaving money behind. Makes no sense to me.”

Responding to the suggestion that this money might have been left behind intentionally for the serving staff, Barkman just scoffed.

“Bah, nonsense! A loonie and five quarters yet? There’s no way that could possibly be a tip,” he said. “Maybe if fifteen or twenty people were having a banquet or something. Nä, I just don’t get why people around here are so forgetful with their money.”

(photo credit: Cory Denton/CC)

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