Winkler Pastor Finally Approves Going for Shots in Morden


Pastor Dave has finally given the green light for Winklerites to “go have shots in Morden”. First in line was Susan Froese, 35, who had been waiting for this announcement for quite some time.

“I was a little hesitant at first, but when I saw that the mayor and Pastor Dave and Mrs. Friesen from the quilting bee and everyone else were having shots in Morden, I figured me and Earl could go for shots, too,” said Froese. “I’m just glad we’re finally able to do this out in the open without the scrutiny of the elders.”

After the announcement, thousands of Winklerites flocked to the supersite in Morden for their first ever shots.

“Welcome to the party!” said friendly supersite shot-giver Brenda. “Hey, we were eagerly waiting for you! You’re awesome!”

There was quite the crowd at the supersite, though some were a little disappointed at the lack of Jell-O, which they had heard always accompanied having shots.

Diewel, there are more Winklerites here than at the McGillivray Costco on a Saturday,” said Froese. “It’s too bad about the Jell-O but we can make our own. I’m just glad to see so many Winklerites going for shots!”

While Winklerites are excited to have their shots now, they’re also hoping they’ll still be allowed go for shots in Morden even when the pandemic is over.

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